Illustrator tutorials

Adobe IllustratorI don’t know how many of you are familiar with Adobe Illustrator. Anyway, it is also a graphic design tool particularly for creating vector images. It can also be used in creating 3D graphics. I guess I have to explain what vectors are about. Well, in the simplest way I can describe it, it has to do with images that are not actually affected by resolution. No matter the size that you need, whether the size of your desktop, or the size of the room you are currently in, a vector image will retain its sharpness and clarity unlike traditional images with the likes of jpeg and bitmap. Now, there are a lot more things involved when we are dealing with vectors but this is just like the shallow interpretation for the ordinary (or average, what difference does it actually make) guy walking on the street to understand. Like I mentioned, Illustrator can also be used in designing 3D images although not as well as cinema 4D and 3d Max would. For more on Adobe Illustrator, click here.

Linked tutorials on illustrator can be found below:

There! All set. Hope this makes meaning to you guys! If the rare event that it doesn’t make meaning, please do not hesitate to comment…positively on it. Thank you! Chao!


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