Serverless LAN Chat in vb.Net using UDP

Well, this is my first post and unfortunately (or fortunately), I don’t have enough time to properly edit it but I will do what I can do. I have been trying to work out how to write a program in that doesn’t use any server. Rather, a computer that has the program can communicate with another computer with the same program on the same network. In the process of study, I realized that the only way (or maybe the easiest way) to achieve this feat is by using the UDP (User Datagram Protocol) to send the message through a particular port and on a broadcast IP address so that any other PC that is listening for messages in the broadcast IP address can get the message without interference by any form of server. For further information about the UDP, click here. Although as we all know, nothing good comes easy. The UDP is not an efficient method of sending information because the message sent may not get to the recipient or if a sequence of datagrams are sent, they are not guaranteed to arrive the recipient in the same order in which they were sent. Any program that insists on using the UDP must therefore be ready to handle these setbacks. During my search, I came across several sites that have information on the chat system. These links (no matter how few) are listed below:

This list will be updated as deemed fit.  Enjoy!


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