Final Year Project Ideas

So I was thinking…wouldn’t it be nice to have a collection of project ideas for your final year. Well, after a while of searching the web and thinking, I have been able to come up with the following project ideas. Like I said earlier, they are just project ideas…nothing more. If you can think of something new and different from what is here, my advice is that you go for that one instead. Any further suggestion, advice, project or question can be made. The project ideas are as follows:

Links gotten from

Airline Reservation System In VB Project Report & Code
Budget Analysis System ASP DotNet Project Code
Exam Suite Java Project Code
Office Automation Project
Call Center Management Dot Net Project
Storage of marketing collateral Dot Net Project
Console Application Project
Network Banking Java Project
SuperJanet High Speed Multiservice Network
Networking Project on Transparent switches
Alert based monitoring of stock trading systems
web-based recruitment process system
Online bug tracking and customer support system
Bank Management System
Unified Modeling Language (UML) Project Report
Remote Administration Using Mobile Project Code
Intelligent Transportation System Project Report (ITS)
Advanced Offline Browser Project Report
IRIS Scanning
Industrial Manpower Resource Organizer (IMPRO)
Online Course Registration Project
Computerized Examination System
Crime File System
School management System 
A Video Rental System in VB
Customer Query Management System
Traffic Flow Prediction Using Adaboost Algorithm
Apartment Management System
VB Project On Gas Agency Project
Picture Catalog Management System
Web based Golden Private Library Project Report
Fee Collection System

Also a link of projects already carried out by students of the university of Kent (Just liked their projects…that’s all!).

Links gotten from

Online Shopping Project
Health Information System
Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP)
Student Information System
Semantic Web Search engine
Attendance Management System
MRS Chat Server


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