Knowing where to hit

Just a little story with a moral I felt like sharing. Enjoy!

A small factory that had been in business only a couple of years had to cease operations when a vital piece of machinery broke down. The firm’s own mechanics worked and worked but couldn’t get the thing running again. Finally, in desperation, they called the company that built the machine. All the company mechanics were busy at the time but it happened that one of the designers of the machine was in the office that day. They asked if it would be alright to send him out to take a look at the equipment. “That would be fine. We’re desperate,” was the immediate answer. When the machine’s designer arrived, he looked the situation over for a few minutes and then took a hammer and tapped the machine in a certain spot and it started right up. The watching mechanics were surprised, but the biggest surprise came when the bill for services was submitted. The designer charged $500 for his services. The plant owner hit the ceiling and demanded an itemized bill. That was no problem. The designer submitted a written, itemized bill which read: “$10.00 for hitting machine; $490.00 for knowing where to hit it.”


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