Some General Computer Maintenance Tips

“I just got a new laptop and the person that sold it to me told me that it has Windows 7 but when I opened it, I saw only one window”. If someone told you this, what would you do? Don’t close the window yet…reply first…

Just joking around…back to the real deal. So you have a new PC and you don’t want it to crash like that of your friend, but you have no idea of what to do. This is your lucky day!!! (well…not exactly but…keep reading). I am going to write out a couple of tips out of all the information (actually…this is virtually all I know about this…).

VIRUSES are one of the major reasons why your system will malfunction. To prevent viruses from running on your system, here are a couple of things I would advice:

First of all, on a windows XP system particularly, the autoplay feature for removable disks should be disabled. For the sake of clarity, the autoplay is a feature of Windows that enables you carry out predefined tasks when a removable disk is plugged into the system. For example, it is the autoplay feature that will make the setup of a software to run when you place the CD of the software or a flash drive of the software into the system. IT is also the feature that makes the flash drive to automatically open when it is plugged into the system. The autoplay feature should be disabled because it is the tool used by most viruses in entering people’s system. When a flash drive is infected by a virus, the virus creates an autorun.inf file (the file that tells the autoplay what to do) in which it tells the autoplay to run it (the virus) when it is plugged into a system. When this happens, the virus infects the other system as well, and so it spreads. For information on how to disable the autoplay feature, click here.

After disabling the autoplay feature, it is still not very safe to open a flash drive directly in your system. It is preferable to open the flash drive through the explorer. To do this, you can either open My Computer, right-click the flash drive and click “Explore”, although it is still not very safe that way, or you click the flash drive in the left pane where all the drives and folders are listed. The reason for this is because just double clicking the drive in My Computer is like trying to run the autorun file still in the flash drive, which will still run the virus.

Watch out for other parts. Feel free to comment on this or any other issue.


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